• Manufacturing the future at In3dustry - Fira de Barcelona

    by Maria Ustarroz    Posted on May 26, 2016

    June 23rd at In3dustry: Manufacturing the Future

    A series of inspirational talks to discover future scenarios in advanced manufacturing and distributed production, and understand how are going to transform our cities and society. A multi scalar journey through technologies and applications that are disrupting the way things are made: from biomaterials to space architecture. “Manufacturing the Future” brings together a selected group of researchers, thinkers and practitioners from different fields of knowledge who have transformed (are transforming), and will transform the way we produce and distribute almost anything.

    Speakers line-up: 13:30-17:45h

    Everything matters: on materials, nature and form (13:30 - 14:30)
    Thomas Landrain, La Pallaisse - Pili
    Laia Mogas-Soldevila and Jorge Duro, Mediated Matter group at MIT - Tufts
    Francis Bitonti, Francis Bitonti Studio
    Break (5min)

    Opening the box: new tools for distributed production (14:35 - 15:35)
    Ben Lazarus, Stratasys
    Paul Sohi, Autodesk
    Bram Geenen and Rich Hulskes, Wevolver
    Break (5min)

    The production of human habitat: who and how will make it? (15:40 - 16:40)
    Mark Burry, Urban Futures - Melbourne School of Design
    Donald K. Carter, Remaking Cities Institute - Carnegie Mellon University
    Thomas Ermacora, The Maker Mile - London
    Break (5min)

    The big picture: exploring the limits of our planet and beyond (16:45 - 17:45)
    Joe Murphy, Ellen Macarthur Foundation
    Vincent Loubiere, Airbus
    Xavier de Kestelier, Foster and Partners

    Manufacturing the Future is curated by Tomas Diez, director of the Fab City Research Laboratory at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. It is the closing event for the IN(3D)USTRY From Needs to Solution.

    Don't miss it!

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