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  • Production of "The Lift"

    by Fab Lab BCN

    We collaborated with VIMOD Studio for the development and production of an interactive light installation for a new emerging electronic music lounge in Mantova, Italy.

    The concept was to create an organic system of dancing particles illuminated by a perceived flow of energetic light. Drew Carson, a former Fab Academy and IaaC alumni, developed a modulated structure with integrated LED cells that were controlled by the frequency of the DJ set, courtesy of a custom interface programmed in OpenFrameWorks by VIMOD Studio.

    The structure itself is comprised of triangulated MDF components that are faced with a cover leaf that holds the electronics. The design of the structure was created within Rhinoceros and then nested as well as processed by RhinoCAM. The sheets of MDF were milled on the ShopBot CNC.

    The LED cells that capture the energetic energy of the installation are frosted acrylic, which were cut using the Epilog LaserCutter. Electronics within the installation utilized two Fadecandy boards interpreting the data created within the OpenFrameWorks program and sent the signals to the right LEDs.




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