• Civic Lab Launching Night

    by Maria Ustarroz    Posted on May 23, 2016

    A public think tank in the heart of Barcelona

    Join the community of Civic Lab Barcelona, an online and offline platform that strives to spur interactive initiatives bridging civic tech(nologies) actors and the public arena. The idea is to federate lectures, pitches, debates but also workshops, hackathons and studios designed for the community to seize the tools to improve its political system. Civic Lab Barcelona is a transparent agora relying on knowledge sharing interactions.

    To present our initiative, we are launching an interactive event at FabLab Barcelona, starting off the conversation with other stimulating and inclusive platforms such as Fab Lab, as well as engaging guest speakers. Further, we will spark a debate revolving around social movements and the impulse of digital platforms to empower citizens. The conversation will be led by a panel of four organizations, namely, Osoigo, Kuorum and Poletika each explaining the extent to which they bridge citizens and representants.

    In the spirit of fostering interactions, following the debate and Q&A, we will hold an informal networking session to break the distance and discuss with the speakers first hand around a chilled beer.

    Tag along on our adventure, and see you on the 31st!


    From ideas to concrete actions: How is the Civic Tech currently evolving?


    19:00 WELCOME


    Envisioning Civic Technologies

    The holistic approach to the use of technology for citizens to get a hold on public good.

    19:15 CIVIC LAB TEAM

    Presenting Civic Tech through Civic Lab Barcelona : developing transversal collaborative politics through a mobilized community.


    Presenting Civic Tech through the inextricable link between (collaborative) politics and (collaborative) economy.

    19:35 TOMAS DIEZ

    Presenting Civic Tech through the City, the overarching structure in which Civic Tech is daily experimented (Smart Citizens, City Lab..)

    From social movements (e.g. 15M) to the impulse of digital platforms to empower citizens.

    SECOND PART : Experimenting Civic Technologies


    19:50 Osoigo

    19:55 Kuorum

    20:00 Poletika

    20:05 Q&A until

    /// 20:30 Networking - beer and music

    JOIN US!

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