• Textile Academy Bootcamp 2017

    by Marco Sanalitro    Posted on February 10, 2017

    Join us to this intensive 40h bootcamp of our new program: a new fashion and technology textile-academy!

    We believe that fashion education should be updated, embrace multidisciplinarity and change the current model of fast fashion to customised and sustainable. We love making , experimenting and innovating using hands on bottom up approaches and new technology. In this 40h course, we have included all the new tools a fashion designer should learn! If you are an educator, a professional or a student this is the course for you!

    More Detailed programme:

    Presentation of Fab Textiles projects & TextileLab Amsterdam projects.

    Introduction to the new Textile Academy course of September 2017

    TALKS: Hacking the Fashion Industry, by Zoe Romano

    TALKS: Open Source Hardware, by Varvara Guljajeva & Mar Canet

    TALKS : 3D scanning & 3D printing by FabAcademy

    TUTORIAL : Computational Fashion, by Aldo Sollazzo

    TUTORIAL : E-textiles & Wearables, by Ángel Muñoz

    TUTORIAL: 2D modeling for laser cutting and tutorial of 3D modeling for CNC milling

    IN DEPTH: Biomaterials and Biocomposites by Cecilia Raspanti & Anastasia Pistofidou

    JAM session in collaboration with local fashion designers and artists

    Waag Society

    Contact: [email protected]

    Here you will find the form to subscribe:

    Professional: 600€ / Student: 450€

    Fab Academy Alumni: 350€

    Online Attendance: 150€

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