• Auto-màtic Exhibition & Workshop Spirograph Bot Machine

    by Marco Sanalitro    Posted on June 21, 2018

    July 12th 17:30-20:00 - Guided Tour of the Auto-màtic Exhibition & Workshop “Spirograph Bot Machine” realized by Fab Lab Barcelona - Future Learning Unit at Arts Santa Mònica

    During this Fabkids workshop, an automated machine will be assembled step by step, in order to make incredible geometric drawings.

    We will start by making a manual drawing mechanism: the spirograph; later we will gradually incorporate electronic components such as motors. In this way, we will automate the bots until we achieve different types of interaction.

    Afterward, each participant will be able to generate as many variations of gears as possible to create the maximum of different figures.

    Free Activity limited to 20 participants;
    Workshop for youth audiences between the ages of 10-15 years;
    With prior registration: [email protected]

    Learn more about the workshop:

    Learn more about the auto-màtic exhibition:

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