Amsterdam joins the Fab City iniciative

Amsterdam joins the Fab City iniciative

by Maria Ustarroz    Posted on May 12, 2016

The first Fab City Summit took place last April 20th with an Expert Meeting  followed by a Public Dialogue. The experts worked in the Fab City manifesto in Amsterdam Makerversity and Fab City Campus, and showed some of the conclusions at Park Huis de Zwiger.

A worldwide network is working out the concept of locally productive and globally connected cities: a Fab City. Fab City is a new urban model for self-sufficient cities in which citizens are empowered. To become a Fab City requires having a more precise knowledge of the way cities work.

The answer is: yes! Finally, Amsterdam joined the Fab City pledge, so today there's nine cities that joined this global iniciative: Barcelona, Boston, Somerville, Cambridge, Ekurhuleni, Kerala, Georgia, Shenzhen and Amsterdam.

From left to right: Tomas Diez, Director of Fab City Research Lab and Fab Lab Barcelona; Marleen Stikker, Director and Co-founder of Waag Society; Frank Kresin, Research Director at Waag Society, Kajsa Ollongren, Amsterdam Alderman of Economic Affairs; Egbert Fransen, Director of Pakhuis de Zwijger and Vicente Guallart, IAAC co-founder.

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