• Aquapioneers, Crowdfunding Campaign Opening

    by Marco Sanalitro    Posted on May 30, 2017

    “Hello we are Loic and Guillaume, co-founders of Aquapioneers, dreamers and we use fish poo to grow organic veg. We are not joking!” by Loïc Le Goueff / Guillaume Teyssié (Aquapioneers)

    They believe Aquapioneers will contribute to the growing urban farming movement in Barcelona. The envision a future where Barcelona’s citizens source most of their food from local farmers, from their rooftops, and from inside their own homes. They are committed to change the future of food, and they are proud to start with the Aquapioneers Ecosystem. This cultivation technique is called Aquaponics and reduces water consumption by up to 90% compared to conventional agriculture.

    Aquapioneers is an open source project born at the Green Fab Lab, from a combination of Guillaume Teyssié’s open source aquaponic project during the FabAcademy 2016 and Loic Legoueff’s master thesis in Aquaponics at Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona.

    To help them launch their production in Barcelona, without compromising the Open Source nature of the project, on 7th of June at Fab Lab Barcelona they will launch a Crowdfunding campaign.

    For the occasion, they will organized a Vietnamese cooking workshop using the first harvests of the Aquapioneers kits.

    For more information about the launch event register HERE

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