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The potential of digital fabrication for production in urban areas



Fundació Pere Tarrés

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The Maker Ambassadors project (Ambaixadors i Ambaixadores Maker) is run by Fab Lab Barcelona and the Fundació Pere Tarrés. This project focused on teaching children and teenagers the potential of digital fabrication for production in urban areas and in the makerspaces of Barcelona. The project provided young ambassadors digital fabrication training, learning-by-doing, team working and DIWO (do-it-with-others) experiences. This enables a shift into the maker movement, future skills and further, intelligent production within cities. 

Fundació Pere Tarrés is a non-profit organisation dedicated to education which focuses on social action. The Makers Ambassadors project is a program to bring technologies closer to socially vulnerable young people, in which socio-educational centres can participate in – Fundació Pere Tarrés being one of three centres in Barcelona involved in the scheme. The scheme works on overcoming potential digital barriers that socio-economic inequalities can cause, encouraging young generations to develop their own tools and access to makerspaces.

This project took place at Fab Lab Barcelona in which the groups were given a tour, introductions to the machines and the opportunity to develop a project with the machines. The students had following sessions at Fab Lab Barcelona with Future Learning experts to map digital and creative spaces across Barcelona and further introductions into learning-by-doing exercises which encouraged imagination and creativity.

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Santiago Fuentemilla

Xavi Domínguez

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Noel Criado

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