Fab Lab Barcelona and IAAC will be part of the upcoming Poblenou Open Night

Join us for a special exhibition and a series of demos dedicated to the event

  • Nov 20, 2023

On November 24 from 19:00 until 22:00, during the open night organized by the Poblenou Urban District association, Fab Lab Barcelona, together with the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), will organize an exhibition and a series of demos. 

The exhibition will be focused on research from one side, by showcasing the industrial heritage of Poblenou with its history and local makers, and on education from another, by displaying projects from Fab Lab Barcelona’s three educational programs – the Master in Design for Emergent Futures (MDEF), Fabricademy and Fab Academy.

Three biomaterials demonstrations will take place between 19:30 and 21:00, with the collaborative participation of MDEF and Fabricademy students, as well as Fab Academy alumni. Join us to see the demos focused on bioplastics, bioprinting and casting bacterial cellulose. You’ll also have the chance to get the recipes that will be used by the students!

In parallel to that, the “Living Exhibition Barcelona“ will also be on display, organized as part of the Urban Shift project, co-funded by the European Union. This exhibition showcases green innovations contributing to the objectives of the EU Green Deal by featuring prototypes developed by IAAC’s student-entrepreneurs, along with other ongoing projects in both research and industry.

Find below more details of what you can see in our space throughout Poblenou Open Night!

Discover Poblenou’s heritage & makers

Learn about the industrial past and present of the neighborhood

Are you interested in industrial heritage? Did you know that Poblenou was once considered the “Catalan Manchester” due to its large concentration of factories? A section of our exhibition will present a map of the heritage sites of this emblematic neighborhood. Alongside it, we invite the visitors to reflect on a journey through time and space, as we uncover the meaning of heritage and its relation to the way we shape our present and illuminate the path to our collective future.

Meet four local makers and their craft

Our exhibition celebrates the essence of local production and maker connections in Poblenou. Step into the world of creativity and artisanship as we showcase the innovative platform, Make Works, a simultaneously global and local initiative dedicated to nurturing the bond between makers and their craft. Discover the stories of four members of Make Works Catalonia, delving into production processes along with the essence and creativity embedded within their craft.

Explore our educational programs 

Master in Design for Emergent Futures (MDEF) 

The Master in Design for Emergent Futures is a multidisciplinary course that focuses on turning ideas into prototypes, platforms, actions and interventions to transform the current state of society. 

During Poblenou Open Night, current MDEF students will exhibit their four group projects created just a couple of weeks ago during “The Machine Paradox” course. By first understanding how different everyday objects, from coffee machines to wi-fi networks, work by disassembling them, they then used the parts to design and build their own “almost useful machines”.


Fabricademy is a six-month intensive postgraduate program at the intersection of digital fabrication, textiles and biology. It explores the interrelation of human-technology-environment through the notions of embodiment, materiality, ecodesign, biodesign, performance, smart textiles and digital fabrication.

In the stand dedicated to Fabricademy, you can find student projects from last year’s edition of the program. Discover several samples and textile works made with natural dyes, biobased materials or innovative techniques of soft materials making. 

You will also have the opportunity to find out more about the 2-month course Future Technologies for Sustainable Fashion (FTSF). In the course, students work intensively to develop emerging technologies that respond to societal needs through a hands-on approach, using digital manufacturing, first-person perspective methodology, multiverse thinking, and embodied design ideation methods.

Fab Academy

Fab Academy is an intensive five-month post-graduate program that teaches students to envision, design and prototype projects using digital fabrication tools and machines. It is a multi-disciplinary and hands-on learning experience that empowers students to learn-by-doing and inspires them to make stuff locally to become active participants in sustainable cities and communities.

In the stand dedicated to Fab Academy, you can see a variety of student projects created during previous editions of the program. Find artworks, interactive installations, and much more.

See biomaterial demonstrations by our students 

In ecology, a coalition is usually seen as a dynamic alliance formed by several organisms. These alliances are created for specific purposes which are often essential for their life-being. Coalitions could involve members of the different species representing a form of cooperation and group behavior to achieve common goals. On the other hand, coalition in design involves bringing together individuals with varying expertise, perspectives, and skills to work towards a common sustainable goal. The coalition may be inclusive of people and ensure a broad range of perspectives to address the needs of a diverse user base. 

Students from our three educational programs will actively engage in empathetic understanding of end-users through biomaterial sources, research, experimentation, and observations alongside the public presence. Besides opening the main hall of IAAC and showcasing current research projects and educational programs, Fab Lab Barcelona is inviting you to take a peek into the local knowledge base and inner lab ecosystem through a dialog with our researchers and makers. 

The demonstration titled “The Coalition of Design Species” will be formed around topics such as biobased materials, new technologies and open sourced know-how. Three groups of researchers from Fabricademy and MDEF, together with alumni of Fab Academy, will experiment with bacteria cellulose, bioplastics and printing techniques. Together they will engage the public in discussions about the intersection of biology and design using hands-on practice. The design coalition aims to create a symbiotic structure of the lab space where we can prototype almost anything.

Find more information about our participation in Poblenou Open Night here

Nov 20, 2023