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  • Jan 19, 2024

Fabricademy is centered around interdisciplinary education at the intersection of textiles and technology. Channeling the accumulating knowledge throughout its duration, each student works on developing their own project with the mentoring of local and global experts that they present at the end of the program. 

But what are the types of projects that could be done in Fabricademy? Continue reading to discover the areas in which our students are innovating!

Haute Couture 

By developing a haute couture project, students work on the integration of innovative materials, fabrication methods, and digital technologies in their collections to push the boundaries of traditional fashion design while addressing environmental and social concerns. Choosing to work in this area allows for the growth of the role of future eco-pioneers and material designers that are active in a circular and sustainable textile and clothing field. 

Discover a haute couture project linking craftsmanship with disruptive technologies. 


Research projects at Fabricademy delve deep into the realm of biomaterials, exploring sustainable alternatives to conventional textiles. By utilizing natural fibers, biopolymers, and biofabrication techniques, students create materials that are not only eco-friendly but also offer unique aesthetic and functional properties. These efforts are vital in reducing the fashion industry’s reliance on fossil fuels and mitigating its environmental footprint.

Check out a research project on bioprinting bacterial cellulose!


Fabricademy introduces wearable technology projects that seamlessly merge fashion with functionality and interactive art. By embedding sensors, actuators, and smart textiles into garments, students are able to create interactive wearables that respond to the wearer’s movements, biometric data, and even environmental stimuli. These projects extend beyond the realm of fashion, showcasing applications in healthcare, sports performance, and augmented reality. 


This may come as a surprise but art performance as an experiential expression of the intersection between textiles, technology, and artistic expression is an important part of the Fabricademy program. Students have the opportunity to work on projects that use textiles as a medium for storytelling, cultural critique, and emotional engagement, blurring the boundaries between fashion, art, and performance. Textiles could also be turned into interactive installations and multimedia presentations to engage audiences in thought-provoking dialogues about sustainability, identity, and human-machine interaction.

Digital craftsmanship

The uniqueness of Fabricademy lies in empowering the participants to use new technologies and tools to reimagine handcraft and cultural heritage. By using digital craftsmanship and integrating tools and techniques such as 3D modeling, digital weaving, laser cutting, and computer-controlled embroidery, students continuously expand the possibilities of textile design and fabrication. 

Get to know a project exploring how to cohabitate and create with other organisms.

At its core, Fabricademy fosters creativity, sustainability, and collaboration among students from diverse backgrounds. Whether exploring uncharted territories within the fashion industry or applying innovations across various fields, the program’s aim remains constant: to push boundaries, inspire change, and shape the future of textiles and technology.

Join us on this journey of textile and material exploration that includes fashion and product design and goes beyond them.

Start experimenting with Fabricademy!

Jan 19, 2024