Fabricademy projects revolutionizing textiles

Explore the final projects of this year's postgraduate students

  • May 28, 2024

This year’s Fabricademy students graduated with groundbreaking projects developed throughout the intensive 6-month program, exploring the intersection of digital fabrication, textiles, and biology. In this blogpost, we will present a few of them to you so you don’t miss out on the Fabricademy magic happening in Fab Lab Barcelona. 

Barbara Rakovská: Amber Grain Embroidery

Amber Grain Embroidery aims to design bio-folklore costumes featuring elements made of wheat and barley roots. Raw wool is used as a binding agent. The root embroideries are complemented by dried grass and pressed material from seeds. The costumes are inspired by traditional Slovak and Czech folklore costumes, symbolizing the importance of grain as a vital source of livelihood and material wealth.

Ruby Lennox: Reverse Stitch

Reverse Stitch combines traditional visible mending techniques and experimental pattern cutting to create a range of temporary garments from upcycled textile. The project engages the wearer in the construction of their garment and embraces fluidity in all steps of construction to give new life to the textile without hiding the past. Alongside a selection of patterns, a toolkit was developed to simplify the stitching and construction process to open engagement to a wide range of skill levels.

Grecia Shaiel bello Segovia: Arakuaa

Arakuaa is a machine that allows generating textile fibers based on plastic bottles. It is inspired by the Guarani Isoseña culture, an ethnic group from Santa Cruz de la Sierra Bolivia. With these fibers, it applies ancestral techniques to generate fashion. Working with this new way of recycling plastic bottles is aimed to open a world of possibilities of their possible applications in fashion.

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May 28, 2024