Remix the School Distributed

  • Nov 15, 2022

What is Remix the School Distributed?

A distributed learning program for green, sustainable and creative educational communities. By implementing food recycling and upcycling principles at schools, the program transforms educational centers into digital social innovators.

The Remix the School Distributed (hereinafter RTSD) project is a platform that provides maker, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) and active learning experiences to educational centers, enabling them to value and use this experience as a lever to transform their pedagogical model and provide imaginative solutions, based on design, co-creation and digital technologies, to local problems.

The idea is to create a practical community that can share the knowledge generated and act as the foundation of a sustainable, green and creative ecosystem throughout Catalonia.

Main Goal

To introduce children to the 7 R’s of sustainable development and invite them to express themselves artistically while learning to design their own biomaterials with food waste through craft and digital fabrication techniques.

7 R’s of sustainable development:

  • Reduce
  • Repair
  • Reuse
  • Reflect
  • Recycle
  • Reject
  • Respect


  • Introduce basic concepts of circular economy through STEAM with an active, experiential learning and a socio-emotional approach
  • Train and accompany teachers in the RTSD methodology that improves students’ self-efficacy through the 5E teaching model (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate), learning based on maker projects using the principles of circularity, biomaterials fabrication and the educational community as a context
  • Introduce basic concepts of design and digital fabrication
  • Redefine the preconceived ideas we may have about object design and materials through elaboration processes
  • Encourage scientific, technological and mathematical aspirations in kindergarten, primary and secondary school students
  • Inspire learning through social interaction by breaking the walls of the school, making it more open to the neighborhood
  • Empower people in the educational ecosystem to be digital social innovators and drivers of change in their local environment
  • Contribute to the development of teachers’ digital competence
  • Train teachers, students and families to develop the following learning dimensions: Individual; maker skills, critical thinking and problem solving, initiative and intentionality. Community (circular); collective impact, social and emotional commitment

Who is it for?

RTSD is a free training program designed for teachers of educational centers that teach Primary Education (third cycle — 5th and 6th) and/or Secondary Education (1st and 2nd ESO). At the end of this program, teachers will receive an accreditation from Fab Lab Barcelona (pending official approval from the Generalitat de Catalunya — CESIRE).

Delivery Approach

10 Schools

Located in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona

20 Teachers

Teachers of 5th and 6th (Primary) or 1st and 2nd of ESO (2 teachers / center)

800 Students

Maximum of 40 students/teacher per school

Blended learning

Classroom size

The program includes material and kits for a total of (20) students per class (approximately)


Portfolio of learning experience

Each teacher builds a portfolio where they document their knowledge and skills in the different modules taken and its practical integration in the classroom or educational center.


Intensive and face-to-face day at Fab Lab Barcelona, an ideal space to live an active learning experience through co-creation, reflection, knowledge sharing, problem-solving, maker practice and biomaterials design.

Mentoring and global reviews

Weekly one (1) hour follow-up sessions with all program participants where students are encouraged to expose their progress, failures and doubts about the weekly task, done so far.

Student support and evaluation

Continuous monitoring, review and evaluation of student’s progress in their bi-weekly assignments and interventions during the 3rd trimester.

Conferences and sessions with experts

Webinars between alumni and professionals from the fablabs network, experts in the sector to contextualize, inspire and show the diversity of applications in the world of digital fabrication, green and sustainable materials or initiatives in the sector.


10 months with an approximate dedication of 38h divided in 3 phases

Phase 1

Selection and bootcamp – In-person

Phase 2

Course and training – Online

Phase 3

Intervention in the school – In-person with students with asynchronous support

Project Partner


Visual Identity

Colour palette, textures and visual resources

The visual identity of Remix the School Distributed is generated from the combination of visual resources, color, typography and image. Through the use of grids in the compositions, the different parts of this identity transform, evolve and combine with each other, as if it were a game.

This graphic system and its structure express RTSD’s creative process, design with biomaterials and transformation, as a symbol of the transition that 14 educational centers are experiencing towards future digital social innovators.

Exhibition stands

Maker Faire Barcelona 2022

Maker Faire Barcelona brings together local and international Makers, it aims to explore the influence of Maker Culture on how and where people learn: From formal and informal education to lifelong learning experiences.

Impact at a glance

  • 10 schools
  • 20 teachers
  • 32 institutions
  • 800 participants
  • 300+ kg of biowaste
  • 5.000 total students impacted


Training Programs

A planned combination of activities designed to equip employees with knowledge and skills to become better professionals prepare employees with the necessary skills and knowledge they need to perform their daily tasks.

  • 5 modules
  • 6 online support sessions
  • 7 video recordings
Remix the School introduction
Review and tasks
Introduction to Digital Fabrication and Molding
Tips and Tricks after making your own biomaterials
Tips and Tricks after making your own biomaterials
Communication and Dissemination

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Educational content in different formats that we can offer to the community.

  • Miro Board – as a learning platform — available for future participants (includes presentations, recorded sessions, and templates to complete each task)
  • RTSD Community Group – Telegram group for asynchronous support — open for teachers
  • RTSD Inventory – available to share with the educational community
  • RTSD Brochure – available to share with the general public

School Materials

  • Audiovisual outlets – 25 videos with learning content produced and generated by teachers and students
  • Miro Board – Miro board that serves as a summary of the pro- cess followed with the Sant Martí del Poblenou School (formal education) and CS Poblenou of the Pere Tarrés Foundation (non-formal education).


Sant Andreu School, Badalona

« For us, the training has been great. (Fab Lab Barcelona) always found answers to all questions that came up during the whole process, and the implementation in the classroom has been a great success, although depending on the number of students it is a bit difficult to work in the laboratory. I value the project very positively for the originality and above all for the value that brings us to work with this type of biomaterials. As an improvement, I would like to propose more time to work with the children, since we have only been able to do it for 1.5 months. » Kike Pérez, Teacher (ESO)

« For the school, and especially for the students, it has been very positive because it has given them a different way of working, much more creative and generating different materials in response to different proposals. On a personal level, it has been quite a discovery because
the previous knowledge was null or almost null. Therefore, in each of the activities we have had to leave our “comfort zone” in order to respond to the demand. » Josep Torrents, Teacher (ESO)

IES Puig I Gairalat, Hospitalet de Llobregat

« We think that our participation has been a success for all that it has brought us, for the process and the result of the project. It has allowed us to acquire skills and abilities to approach a didactic proposal from a different point of view, ODS, 3D modelling; it has been a diversified and varied learning, touching many aspects that were totally unknown to us (…) Designing with TinkerCad, 3D printing, learning formulas to create biomaterials, learning to deal with the neighborhood shops… These are things that are not easy to teach or learn, and with this training it was necessary to learn a little bit of everything. We really appreciate having been able to participate and having reached the end of the project, for all that it has brought us and because it has meant a big change in the way we see STEAM and Maker culture.

As far as the impact is concerned, it has been gradual. At the beginning it seemed that it was a project of two motivated teachers from the school and things have been taking shape. Our involvement in designing a didactic proposal that was related to the curriculum, and having been able to respond to the difficulties that arose along the way, has been key. Thanks to this, the project has had a great impact, thanks in part to Fab Lab Barcelona that helped us in the process and that organized the finalpart of the project, with the awarding of diplomas and the visit of the Consul of the USA. » Damià Calero, Teacher (ESO)

« We value the fact of having met and shared with people from other institutions, which have a different school profile from ours, and a very different school process. We value the creation of this learning network, we ask ourselves the question of how not to lose these synergies and how to continue doing something similar in the next courses. It would be very enriching to continue in contact with these people.

We also appreciate all the help received during the project in moments of anxiety, nerves, doubts, anger, demotivation, etc. We always had a helping hand to continue, and we value this very positively. Also the motivation we received, with the organizers constantly giving us ideas and asking us how it was going. » Xavier Seva, Teacher (ESO)

Media Reach

2 TV Shows

4 Conferences

  • Fixing The Futures Festival at CCCB: Future-fit learning for all
  • European Network of Science Centres and Museums (ECSITE) Conference: Biodiversity and climate crisis conference track
  • FabLearn Europe / MakeEd Conference: Socio-Emotional Learning through Biomaterial making
  • Science Projects Online Workshops (SPOWs): ‘Environmental action in STEM Education: teaching for citizenship and sustainability’ (3 days workshops)

Impacting 500+ people across educational professionals: teachers, researchers, pedagogues, and general public

2 Academic Publications

  • 1 Final master’s thesis: This Thesis questions the power dynamics normalized in design disciplines, an internal conflictemerged, which was addressed through the development of a parallel track of research related to socializing the research’s discoveries in educational communities, fostering collaboration, co-creation and above all respect and creative responsibility for the systems we are part of, to operate not with, but from within them in the design processes.
  • 1 Academic paper: This paper shows the co-design and implementation process of a socio-emotional learning experience through bio-material making. Remix The School is the application of a theoretical construct that proposes to bring to formal and informal K12 educational contexts the knowledge accumulated at Iaac Fab Lab Barcelona around Biomaterial Fabrication, through several years of practice, research and pedagogy in postgraduate programs. In this paper we describe the methodology followed based on presenting with equal relevance different stages of thebiomaterial development process. Finally, we reflect on lessons learned and propose recommendations sharing key findings for implementing a hybrid training of trainers programme during 2021-2022 academic year.

6 Newspapers

82 #RemixtheSchool mentions on Social Media


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Nov 15, 2022