Introducing DAFNE+

A new platform to explore the transformative power of emerging technologies

  • Jul 27, 2023

In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about emerging technologies such as blockchain, digital money (cryptocurrencies) and unique digital items (NFTs). The rapid development of these practices urged us to discuss the role of these technologies, comprehend how they intersect with our principles, and identify the opportunities presented by these technologies in addressing real-world problems within the creative networks of the Distributed Design Platform and Fab Lab Barcelona.

Acknowledging the value of these discussions, we have taken part in a new EU-funded project called DAFNE+. This project will span over three years and aims to help digital content creators find new ways of creating, distributing and monetising their works through blockchain technology.

Understanding the needs and the use of emerging technologies for the Open-Source movement and Makers Community

During the project’s initial phase, Fab Lab Barcelona (IAAC) recognised the importance of understanding the use of emerging technologies and the perspectives and concerns of the creatives within Fab Lab network and the Distributed Design and makers communities. To achieve this, we conducted a survey and a series of one-on-one interviews to gather feedback and opinions from our community. The process helped gather insights into the platform’s concept and vision and identify any doubts or misconceptions surrounding the project’s key topics.

As a result, it became evident that there is a strong need to foster active participation, allowing a diverse audience of creatives from various disciplines to fully embrace the transformative potential of these emerging technologies. This active involvement is essential to feel empowered and willing to engage and explore the possibilities these technologies offer.

The interviews revealed the need to address two main crucial focuses. First, there is a strong emphasis on addressing the use of these technologies to create an alternative economic model for the open-source movement. There needs to be more financial structures that effectively support users and contributors of open designs, code, and tutorials, encouraging decentralised collaboration. Secondly, the makers’ community is actively exploring the potential of applying blockchain and cryptocurrencies to physical objects, extending beyond the realm of software and digital artworks.

Our main goal in participating in this project is to address these important concerns, find solutions that benefit our community and collaborate with like-minded partners, including renowned creative organisations like IRCAM and SODA.

What’s next?

DAFNE+ tries to go beyond the cryptocurrency-driven narrative. It aims to explore innovative approaches to NFTs and digital tokens and build new communities with decentralised governance enabling open-source communities to access advanced technologies and democratise their use.

The project goal is to represent the new generation of blockchain-based initiatives that use these technologies to securely track ownership, and contributions of art, design, music and other forms of intellectual property, facilitating the creation of new revenue models and rights management systems to increase transparency in transactions. It also allows experimenting with new forms of governance, promoting the creation of decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs). This helps cultural and creative industries to expand their reach and open up new distribution channels without rules imposed by intermediaries. With a focus on real challenges and social needs directly coming from the collection of insights gained by the communities involved, DAFNE+ aims to shift the centre of attention away from speculation and towards a more practical problem-solving testing ground platform.

Over the next two years, DAFNE+ will keep testing and provide new opportunities for creatives to overcome traditional challenges related to ownership and contributions to open-source projects and receive appropriate compensation for their work.

Curious to learn more about DAFNE+? Visit the website and get to know more about blockchain technology and its applications in the creative industry. Discover the fascinating world of NFTs and DAOs, and learn how they can benefit the creative sector!

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Jul 27, 2023