Distributed Design Awards 2023

  • Thursday, May 25, 2023 - Sunday, July 16, 2023
  • Free admission

Join the sixth edition of the Distributed Design Awards!

The Distributed Design Awards celebrate the creative, mind-shifting and responsible design responses to the post-industrial design paradigm. We recognize multidisciplinary, innovative and sustainable designs from Europe’s makers, designers and creatives.

The awards are open to anyone working in the creative disciplines dealing with Design and Making: creative players, makers, designers, artists, architects, scientists, students and others.

Awards categories:

  • Project Excellence Award: Design that tackles all four core principles of the distributed design model: Open, Collaborative, Regenerative, Ecosystemic.
  • Future Thinking: Design for a better future, considering social and cultural challenges and human wellbeing.
  • Responsible Design: Design that engages circular design principles such as responsible materials. It draws on the capacity of local materials and/or knowledge, including craft or specialist processes.
  • Adaptable & Open Design: Design that is made open source, is transparent and/or allows for adaptation and/or customisation.
  • People’s Choice: Design recognised by people and the Distributed Design network online/ the most voted entry.

Submission deadline: Sunday, July 16th → Apply here

The Distributed Design Awards are an initiative of Distributed Design. Supported by Fab Lab Barcelona, Batch.Works, Futurity Systems and Materiom.