Technology and handicrafts: complementary tools of transformation

  • Friday, May 05, 2023
  • 13:00 — 14:00
  • Ca l’Alier, C/ de Pere IV, 362
  • Free admission

The event is with a free access

Technology and craftsmanship can become allied tools of transformation. Without excluding each other, both media have a transversal, social and cultural impact as a form of productive activism in both digital fabrication and traditional craftsmanship.

On the one hand, craftsmanship as a different alternative of production and as a form of vindication (craftivism). A more leisurely and small-scale production, which prioritizes local materials, values ancestry and is able to redefine itself and adapt to contemporary society. On the other hand, technology as a means of digital transformation to achieve emancipation, equal rights and collaborative cultural construction at other complementary levels.

In this round table, Fab Lab Barcelona invites different representatives and activists from the creative, artisan and digital sector to discuss positive changes in society, exploring intergenerational and gender issues through the cohesion between craftsmanship and technology.


  • Cristina Noguer, Researcher at Holon SccL and IMP, Institute of Political Materialities
  • Doris Boira, local cultural activator with projects La Fabric@ and Apropem-nos
  • Silvana Catazine & Josean Vilar, CEO & Creative Directors, Naifactory Lab


  • Guillem Camprodon, Fab Lab Barcelona Director
  • Milena Juarez, researcher and sustainability expert at Fab Lab Barcelona


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