Atlas of Weak Signals

Deck of cards to detect trends before they become trends


Determine conditions that promote bee health and share data in the apiculture and entomology communities.

Our Solution

An open-source suite of tools to network citizen scientists to track bees and pollinators globally.

Type of Project

OSBH is a Fabacademy Barcelona project which was incubated by Fab Lab Barcelona. It is now a spin-off company.


OSBH has more than 600 hives in over 20 countries.

A weak signal is an indicator to identify a change in the future with little or no impact on the present, but with the potential to lead to the identification of major impact events. They set trends and indicate certain directions and by that draw up future scenarios. A weak signal can be defined as a trend before the trend itself becomes a relevant source of future research.

Recent adaptation of industrial robots to architectural/design production has given rise to a new language of design which is informed through computation. In a world where nearly everything built around us could be 3D printed, the focus in the future will be on the design and performance of the by-product.

The use of digital and robotic fabrication equipment aims to investigate new possibilities for expanding the geometric vocabulary, functional integration and a smart assembly logic in a way which develops new design methodologies that benefit from those new technologies.