The future of plastic

Mattia Bernini & Kate Armstrong

πŸ“Œ The plastic problem has now become a mainstream concern – this does not mean that we, as designers, makers and humans can ignore the problem. This calls for a sensibility in our design approach to plastic – creating smaller, more distributed networks of knowledge which are working together to change the plastic problem. Precious Plastics is a perfect example of a community which has created open source tools to empower behaviour change –  and our plastic waste. 

πŸ“Ί This episode comes from the Plastic for Good Challenge held by Distributed Design Market Platform and Precious Plastics. In this episode, Kate discusses with Mattia, from Precious Plastics, the crucial role of community, design sensibility and the upcoming projects that Precious Plastics are working on. Precious Plastics is currently based in Eindhoven, Netherlands, in which their space is situated within a hub of other creative enterprises, alongside cohabiting 10 houses to make the local Precious Plastics community. 

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