Metrology for Integrated marine maNagement and Knowledge-transfer nEtwork (MINKE).


The Challenge

How can we make use of research infrastructures in Europe for both citizen involvement and advanced research use?

The Solution

Join Researchers and Citizen Scientists in projects that use open technologies for better understanding their environment.

Type of Project

Research and Innovation Action for Excellent Science in research infrastructures funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme under Grant Agreement 101008724.

Applied Technologies

Smart Citizen Kit and Water Station. Citizen Science Approach.

The project

Minke will integrate key European marine metrology research infrastructures, to coordinate their use and development and propose an innovative framework of “quality of oceanographic data” for the different European actors in charge of monitoring and managing the marine ecosystems. The project aims at using a fresh approach to data collection and proposes a new vision in the design of marine monitoring networks considering two dimensions of data quality, accuracy and completeness, as the driving components of the quality in data acquisition, to provide finally the most reliable measurements in Ocean & Coastal Observation Systems. It does so by using advanced technologies from high-end research infrastructures along with low cost sensors, to bridge the gap between advanced research and citizen science.

Our Contribution

Fab Lab Barcelona provides expert technological support and Citizen Science advice around the use and implementation of low cost sensors. It will aim to scale the use of low cost sensors in researchers and citizen scientists alike, and will aim to use the Fab Labs in Europe as part of the research infrastructure for environmental sensing and Citizen Science. Through an open hardware project like Smart Citizen Kit, Fab Lab will aim to demonstrate that low cost sensors are a feasible option for scientific research and that Citizen Science can provide helpful insights in more advanced scientific projects. With this collaboration between traditionally siloed actors such as researchers and scientists, we bring a fresh approach to research at different levels.

Who is it for?

MINKE is for anyone interested in understanding better how marine systems work and to measure them. MINKE provides support, sensors and infrastructure from top-level national and international research institutions as well as grassroots organizations that can help improve our oceans and protect them.


Interested in using low cost sensors to improve data completeness and benefit from new technologies.


Interested in participating in measuring the environment and understanding how we can better protect our oceans.

Project Partners