Co-creating digital solutions for cities with citizens, businesses and authorities.


The Challenge

To develop new city technologies which support citizen engagement and co-creation.

Our Solution

Providing expert knowledge and working with Smart Citizen data collected from different European cities.

Type of Project

Research and Innovation Action for Industrial Leadership in information and communication technologies funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme under Grant Agreement 645198.

Applied Technologies

Smart Citizen platform.

Organicity consists of three main cities which have extensive experience in ‘smart city technologies’ – Aarhus, Santander and London, alongside fifteen consortium members. The technologies are focused on improving services for citizens whilst also reducing resource consumption. There is, however, a disconnect between these services, in which technologies are focused towards individual sectors rather than bridging gaps between public and private. Organicity has created a citizen science revolution which has bridged these sectors and emphasised the need for co-creation and citizen engagement.

Our Contribution

The role of Fab Lab Barcelona at IAAC in the Organicity project was to provide expert knowledge and guidance in the field of technology and sensing. Organicity used Fab Lab Barcelona’s expertise in building software data tools, such as Smart Citizen, to build the tech infrastructure for the project. In particular, Fab Lab Barcelona developed the Urban Discovery Service and the Urban Observatory App. The Organicity project had a total of fifteen partners in the project and ran for three years.

Who is it for?

Organicity project is for anyone seeking digital solutions.


Interested in accessing and prototyping with collected urban sensor data.


Who wish to prototype imaginative solutions alongside citizen scientists and authorities using collected urban data to transform environments.


Who are interested in working with businesses and citizens to develop digital solutions to urban challenges.

Project Partners