MDEF 02 is here!

Introducing a second year of the Master in Design for Emergent Futures!

  • May 13, 2022

The Master in Design for Emergent Futures is a multidisciplinary design course that focuses on turning ideas into actions to transform the state of society by proposing small-scale interventions to approach large-scale challenges. It is organised by the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia and Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, in collaboration with the Fab Academy. The practical content of the Master is developed by Fab Lab Barcelona, the research and innovation centre at IAAC.

Meet MDEF 02

From the academic year of 2022/2023 the Master in Design for Emergent Futures will be offered as a 2-year program. The students thereby get the opportunity to take a second year (MDEF 02) in order to deepen their knowledge and further develop the final project developed in the first year.

Following a multi-scale, experimental and real-world approach, students will be able to expand their hybrid profiles, pursue their research and innovation plans and transform their projects presented at the end of the first year into living platforms.

MDEF 02 focuses on the following three different aspects, which opens up the possibility of taking the projects in these directions after graduating from the program: 

  • Continuation of the academic career through other Master’s or Doctorate programs.
  • Establishing a business model plan and implementing it
  • Implementation of an accessible technological development for open source communities.

Over the course of 18 months, students will study full-time and complete the immersive program with 120 credit points.

Organic Matters – Final Project by MDEF alumni Laura Freixas
Designing Realities – Final Project by MDEF alumni Cesar Rodriguez

With the first edition set to start in 2022/2023 students interested in the program can already apply. Find more information about MDEF 01 & 02 here.

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Future Talks
May 13, 2022