Resilient Makers Stories: Emilio Velis

  • Tuesday, August 23, 2022
  • 16:00 — 17:00
  • Online event
  • Online
  • Free admission

Online event

How do we cultivate a resilient and responsive distributed design community? From August 23rd to October 17th RESERVIST is hosting a by-weekly online chat series, where guests share their personal experiences of responding to moments of crisis. The aim is to collaboratively work on a shared vision, align values, and develop best practices.

On August 23rd we will welcome the first guest Emilio Velis. He is the Executive Director of Appropedia Foundation, a US-based nonprofit focused on access to knowledge regarding sustainability and development. Emilio is an advocate of the open movement through social impact areas such as open licenses, environmental sustainability, and appropriate technologies to improve vulnerable communities. He is a Fellow of the 16th CALI Foundation class and an Aspen Global Leadership Network member.

How can industries quickly adapt their production lines to manufacture medical solutions in times of crisis? RESERVIST aims to establish a network of ‘reservist cells’, resilient networks that can be activated within 48hrs to switch to manufacturing medical products and services spiking in demand. Read more about RESERVIST here.