How do we turn protests into proposals?

Kate Raworth and Tomas Diez

🌎 What has changed in the world? We now globally recognise the existence of climate change. Our perception of what is morally normal has transformed – we now recognise sustainability in professions, our schools strike, and we have begun to listen to transformative ideas. ✨

πŸ“Ί In this episode, Kate Raworth and Tomas Diez caught up at the Fab City Summit in Amsterdam during the 2019 We Make The City Festival. Kate and Tomas discuss the three horizons theory of change, how Fab Labs are acting as the seeds of change and stand as a concrete example for global transformation, 21st-century economics, cosmolocal production and, crucially, how citizen engagement is at the heart of this.

πŸ—£ Hosted by Fab Lab Barcelona & MDEF Director Tomas Diez πŸ’¬ Future Talks is a series of conversations with friends of Fab Lab Barcelona, exploring the nature of emerging futures from the past to the present and beyond. πŸ“’ πŸ”Ž Follow Fab Lab Barcelona on FacebookInstagram & Twitter.


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