The democratization of future-making

Scott Smith and Oscar Tomico

🌎 Climate change, energy transition, public health emergencies like obesity: Today we are facing major transitions and challenges which makes futuring not just all the more vital but also creates a need to make it more inclusive and involve the general population.

🗨️ In this episode of future talks Oscar Tomico, MDEF Co-Director, is talking to Scott Smith, #futurist and founder and managing partner of Changeist. In the last decade, futuring has undergone a big transition. Scott talks about how futurism has developed and where it stands today, why designers play a key role in futuring, and what the future of futuring will look like.

🧠 Scott Smith has been working in futures for more than 15 years and in 2007 founded Changeist, a multidisciplinary consulting and research group engaging in a wide-ranging spectrum of activities concerning the future. Changeist works with organizations and companies globally guiding them through possible futures by blending research, sensemaking, engagement and strategy.

💬 Future Talks is a series of conversations with friends of Fab Lab Barcelona, exploring the nature of emerging futures from the past to the present and beyond.

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