A tool to measure digital social innovation.


The Challenge

Visualise, assess and provide access to projects working globally in Digital Social Innovation (DSI).

Our Solution

An open source measuring tool which takes knowledge sharing, technological openness and societal impact values into account.

Type of Project

Coordination and Support Action for Industrial Leadership in information and communication technologies funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme under Grant Agreement 780473.

Applied Technologies

Open source tools which measure positive, sharing values beneficial for society.

The DSISCALE project aims to support policymakers, funders and most importantly, practitioners, to scale digital social innovation (DSI) and collective awareness platforms (CAP’s) in Europe. It aims to make the most of the opportunities in using tools such as open data and open hardware to address some of Europe’s biggest social challenges. DSISCALE specifically focuses on its online hub which facilitates peer learning between funders, policymakers and practitioners, with an index which measures the capacity of DSI. The DSI Scale is an open source tool that facilitates the assessment of DSI projects, taking into account values like knowledge sharing, technological openness and societal impact.

Our Contribution

Fab Lab Barcelona carried out a range of activities using digital social innovation practices, leading the project on the topic of ‘Skills and Learning’. This included the ‘Dream Big Challenge’ which encourages students to find digital solutions to big challenges – examples being FixEd, a platform which supports educational institutions to teach twenty-first century and STEM skills; Code Club, a global network of school clubs equipping young people with programming skills; Apps for Good, through which young people across the world build their own DSI solutions to social challenges and hundreds of fab labs and makerspaces across Europe supporting people of all ages to thrive in a digital world. In collaboration with partners such as Amsterdam Smart City, the University of Dundee and the Smart Citizen Kit developed by Fab Lab Barcelona, workshops, interventions and interactive data mapping tools were deployed at events such as Makerfaire Barcelona and Poblenou Open Night to engage citizens in the principles of DSI through the lens of ‘Skills and Learning’.

Who is it for?

The DSISCALE tools can be accessed online and host a wide variety of organisations to individuals working on inspiring projects.


Policymakers who wish to seek out existing networks working on social innovation.

Funding Organisations

Who wish to seek interesting new opportunities to support activities which work towards a better future.


Looking for an open source digital tool to scale and network their projects.

Children & Schools

Wishing to take part in skills and learning activities at Fab Lab Barcelona.

2018 - 2019