Co-design for society in science and innovation


The Challenge

To better understand co-creation practices flourishing in Europe in fab labs, living labs and science centres.

Our Solution

Running experimentation with 10 EU co-creation labs that explore design-driven approaches to co-create, generating real-life knowledge.

Type of Project

Research and Innovation Action for Science with and for Society in integrate society in science and innovation issues, policies and activities in order to integrate citizens’ interests and values and to increase the quality, relevance, social acceptability and sustainability of research and innovation outcomes in various fields of activity from social innovation to areas such as biotechnology and nanotechnology funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme under Grant Agreement 788217.

Project Outputs

Extensive knowledge hub and a set of co-creation methodologies suited for scalability and replication.

The SISCODE project bridges the gap between co-creation, policymaking and science, enabling local community members to become active stakeholders in decision making and practical solution-finding. The SISCODE project experiments co-creation in 10 existing fab labs, living labs and science centres across Europe.

Our Contribution

Fab Lab Barcelona was in charge of supporting the setup of the experimentation in collaboration with the other supporting partners. We have co-elaborated a co-creation journey toolbox that aimed to guide the labs in understanding, framing and applying co-creation in their local contexts. For more than 18 months (January 2019 – November 2020), we have proposed regular peer-to-peer learning sessions,  individual coaching and reporting tools to support the translation of theoretical concepts and real needs into concrete actions.

Key outputs

Ten Lab videos

Ten videos were designed to describe the vision, activities and projects of the co-creation labs. These showcased the diversity of the challenges tackled, the creativity of each team and the specificity of the local context in the 10  journeys. The videos are available on the youtube channel here: 

The SISCODE Project video by Ecsite

Toolbox for Co-creation Journeys

The SISCODE Toolbox for Co-creation Journeys is a portfolio of canvases that can facilitate the design and implementation of co-creation journeys in laboratories (e.g. living labs, fab labs, science centres and museums), focussing on a better understanding and prioritisation of the particularities of each context. The SISCODE Toolbox is ready-to-use and available online.

Digital Learning Hub

The Digital Learning Hub is an online repository and serves to support policymakers in gaining better knowledge of co-creation and co-design practices to bridge the gap between science, society and innovation with an emphasis on policies. Digital Learning Hub is operational and accessible online.

Tips & Tricks for Responsible Research & Innovation

The Tips & Tricks for Responsible Research & Innovation is a set of 20 cards with inspiring thought provocations inviting you to reflect on what it means to practice Responsible Research & Innovation: from the theories that underpin RRI to the way you carry out your work. The cards are available online – both for virtual use as well as in printable format.

MOOC ‘Co-creation for policymakers: an introductory course

SISCODE MOOC ‘Co-creation for policymakers: an introductory course is an online free course for the use of co-creation and design methodologies, specially tailored to those working in the field of policy-making. The course is available since mid-March 2021 on Polimi Open Knowledge and also on EUAcademy, the platform from the European Commission. Register here.

Case-studies and Biographies

SISCODE’s analysis of the European co-creation landscape covered 135 cases and examples of co-creation initiatives, developed in the SISCODE Knowledge Base report. From this poll, 40 were selected for a more in-depth examination, of which 15 have been addressed as biographies, in the Case studies and Biography Report

Many other resources can be found on the SISCODE project website.

Who is it for?

SISCODE reaches out to all the quadruple helix of stakeholders from citizen and civil society, to academics, industries and public institutions. It highlights the role of the labs as co-creation practitioners.

The 10 labs 

Labs are seen as interfaces where to experiment the playground between bottom-up initiatives and policy design. 

Discover them here.

The Lab’ networks

ENOLL, FAB CITY and ECSITE are representing the networks of living labs, fab labs and science museums, spreading the word in a distributed way. 


Who wants to be involved in a co-creation project, helping to reconnect science and society, bringing research methods, and relevant knowledge while enriching their research from people’s insights.


Curious about how to change practices in policy design and work with communities to solve societal challenges.

Local Communities and citizens

Who wish to develop more co-creative practices and strengthen social networks over actionable research – working with the labs on their challenge.

The CORRI forum

Co-created by SPI during the project, the CORRI forum is a place for learning about co-creation for Responsible Research and Innovation. 

Project Partners