SISCODE – El Barri Circular

Using innovation and science to co-design for society.


The Challenge

To create a series of co-creation activities based in Poblenou which facilitate interactions between different agents working towards a circular economy.

Our Solution

A co-creation lab which engages community stakeholders in developing innovative solutions to be adopted by policymakers on the theme of “Food, Waste and Local Crafts”.

Type of Project

The SISCODE – El Barri Circular project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 under grant agreement No 788217.

Project Outputs

A co-designed project acceleration program for local creative project ideas with six accelerated projects.

The SISCODE project bridges the gap between co-creation, policymaking and science, enabling local community members to become active stakeholders in decision making and practical solution-finding. The SISCODE project consists of 10 existing labs and makerspaces across Europe – ‘El Barri Circular’ being the pilot of Fab Lab Barcelona. The labs are strategic playgrounds for testing new policies and trialling inventive design solutions for community frictions.

Our Contribution

El Barri Circular has created strategic co-design processes in which active community members of Poblenou have gathered to work on sustainability through “Food, Waste and Local Crafts”. Poblenou’s history of rich industrial endeavours has fostered a diverse resident community who have all been able to be recognised and encouraged through the events and programming of El Barri Circular – from craftsmen to designers, local community activists and gardeners.

The participatory events kickstarted in 2019 – creating cartographies of existing and desired projects around the theme of circular societies. In response to the desired outlooks from the initial meetings, El Barri Circular has facilitated workshops on topics such as bioplastics, regenerating food waste, gardening and digital fabrication, as well as facilitating a project accelerator program ‘Remix el Barrio’ for local ideas that bring together food, waste and local crafts. The Fab Lab infrastructure provided support to the project which ranged from developing pet food from food waste to exploring olive pits as a cosmetic product. El Barri Circular has developed a unique co-design methodology from community ideas for strategies to support the regeneration and social cohesion the dynamic community of Poblenou.

Who is it for?

El Barri Circular reaches out to communities, policymakers, designers, creatives and solution-finders.

Designers, Makers and Creatives

Working with food waste and wish to develop tools to transform food waste into a new material or form.


Looking to discover and implement circular solutions in policymaking.


Who wish to develop more circular practices and strengthen social networks over actionable research – working with waste.

Other project team members – Lara Campos, Adriana Sanz, Diego Waehner, Miki Royan, Doris Boira & Daniel Florin.

Project Partners