Fab City Hub

A co-creation hub to design the future.


The Challenge

To create a Fab City prototype which practices the regeneration of food, energy, and materials at a neighborhood scale.

Our Solution

The establishment and operation of a physical space, to bring community members closer to urban regenerative practices through hands-on event programming.

Type of Project

The Fab City Hub is a self-funded project by Fab Lab Barcelona.

Applied Technologies

Experimental urban food production technologies. Skill-sharing sessions. Knowledge exchange.

Cities are currently some of the worlds worst polluters. This is being challenged by the Fab City Global Initiative, which pledges for cities to produce everything they consume by 2054. This not only includes the manufacturing and commercial sectors, but also requires a shift in citizen and local-based perspectives.

Fab City Hub

The Fab City Hub is a project from Fab Lab Barcelona and Fab City Global Initiative. The Hub represents a neighbourhood prototype of Barcelona Fab City, which is open and collaborative in nature. The Fab City Hub is a space for citizens to approach the Fab City vision, translating meta ideologies into skill-sharing sessions, talks, and events. The Hub works with citizen-empowerment within the fields of food, energy, and materials and is a physical space to communicate the Fab City ideology. 

Who is it for?

Fab City Hub is open to sustainable communities of practice at a neighbourhood scale.


Citizens interested in participating in skill-sharing workshops, talks and events.

Fab Labs

Fab Labs who wish to have a satellite space to practice self-sufficiency, for food production, workshops, and more

Fab Cities

Fab Cities who are looking to prototype and convey meta ideologies on a neighbourhood scale for active citizens. and engaged policy-makers.

Project Partners

2019 - ongoing