A human-based design platform for any maker who wishes to create, collaborate and share projects.


The Challenge

To create an online platform which contains shared resources that can be accessed by a global community.

Our Solution

An online social network to map and join the international Fab Lab community.

Type of Project

Fablabs.io is co-funded by the Fab Foundation and DDMP which is funded by the Creative Europe Programme Platform under grant agreement No. 2017 – 3157 / 001 – 001.


+25,000 users and approximately 1800 registered Fab Labs in more than 75 countries.

Fablabs.io is the official platform for the Fab Lab network and can be considered the ‘online social network’ of the international Fab Lab community. Fablabs.io is a collection of online resources for the Fab Lab community from the local to the global. On the platform, you can access the official list of other Fab Labs which also share ideologies, tools and philosophies around the role of technology and society in order to expand the community and scale projects without moving products globally. 

The Project

The Fablabs.io platform was initiated at Fab Lab Barcelona at IAAC and in collaboration with the Fab Foundation. Since 2014, the platform has been developed and is openly accessible through GitHub. The platfrom is free, developed using an open source software, released under an AGPL license. The Fablabs.io community is a creative mix of fabricators, artists, scientists, engineers, educators, students, amateurs and professionals located in more than 75 countries in approximately 1800 Fab Labs. The platform fosters interactions between makers, designers, producers and users from remote areas, giving space for discussion about important global issues.

Project development

Under the Distributed Design Platform, Fab Lab Barcelona facilitated the connection of the fablabs.io platform and Wikifactory, an all-in-one workspace to accelerate product development, designed for open source communities, designers and product companies. Through a white-label integration projects.fablabs.io was launched to facilitate collaboration around projects across the global Fab Lab community.

Who is it for?

A human-based design platform mainly for fabbers however any other makers, hackers, DIY’ers or amateur in digital fabrication are also welcomed.

Other project team members – Gui Seiz, Massimo Menichinelli, Fiore Basile.

Project Partners

  • DistributedDesign

2014 - Ongoing