Creating practical links between digital fabrication technologies and the arts and crafts sector.


The Challenge

To break down the “digital divide” between industrial manufacturing and the production of culture to investigate new ways of designing and making using technologies from Industry 3.0.

Our Solution

Collaborating with Europe’s top research and education centers on the field of digital fabrication and its ever-growing relationship with the arts, design and traditional craftsmanship.

Type of Project

Cooperation project funded by European Union’s Creative Europe programme under Grant Agreement 2014-2308 / 001 -001.


Selected as a Success Story by the European Commission, Creative Europe Programme

Our industrial paradigm has historically been disconnected from society, particularly in the realm of arts and culture. This has led to linear cycles in which we do not connect with the products we buy, or adhere meaning and importance in the purchase or usage of these products. The lack of association we have with everyday objects can perhaps give evidence as to why we produce enormous amounts of waste and use products frivolously. The lack of associated meaning with these products means that we are not empowered to hack, develop or modify these products. 

Made@EU aims to change this linear paradigm through connecting and influencing different areas of society as a whole, from a cultural, social and economic platform to digital fabrication and Fab Labs. This would ideally foster the third industrial revolution through empowerment of users, knowledge sharing and breaking down the “digital divide” amongst European creatives in relation to the use of digital fabrication. 

Made @ EU

The program hosted a residency program for a series of creatives which enabled them to learn, understand, use and be able to innovate with digital fabrication technologies. The 4-8 week residencies were held in Barcelona, Paris and Plymouth. Participants received continuous guidance and support on projects, a space and equipment to work and the ability to connect and share ideas with other residents across borders. This unleashes design’s potential as a driver for growth which could radically change the production and distribution status quo, and strongly influence society as a whole, from a cultural, social and economic platform. Fab Lab Barcelona at IAAC, in partnership with the University of Plymouth and ENSCI Les Ateliers, led the coordination of the Made@EU project, launched within the framework of the Creative Europe Programme.

Who is it for?

Made@EU is for creatives and professional institutions seeking new methodologies using digital fabrication as a tool to produce new designs.

Creative Professionals

Any creative professionals who wish to develop skills and challenge the status quo of the current industrial paradigm. To gain experience and understanding of the power of digital fabrication in relation to their practice – whether it be engineering, arts, music and culture.

Project Partners