Winemakers Comunidad

Collective winemaking traditions re-imagined through digital fabrication


The Challenge

To provide an alternative to mass-produced winemaking through the application of digital fabrication.

Our Solution

Teaching, learning and socialising through workshops centred around the winemaking heritage of Catalunya.

Type of Project

In collaboration with Espai del Vi Català and situated in the Fab City Hub.

Project Outputs

Talks, workshops and short courses on winemaking and applied digital fabrication for the winemaking process

We currently recognise wine more in a bottle on a shelf in a supermarket, rather than the different varieties, climatic conditions and grapes which are produced in regions close to us – in Fab Lab Barcelona’s case, the Catalonian region of Spain. The processes of winemaking that belong to the Catalan history are obstructed by mass-production. Bringing the culture of winemaking back into urban areas can help reconnect people with a forgotten urban-rural link while sharing the wonders of the historic biological processes of winemaking through all the senses in a true opportunity to learn-by-doing. 

Winemakers Comunidad

The Winemakers Comunidad is a community of Winemakers which are dedicated to two different types of winemaking: red wines and ‘ancestral’ wines (with the potential to make white, rose and sweet wines). The community grew from a ‘Winemakers Lab’ that fused traditional processes with digital fabrication in a contemporary winemaking experiment. Now, the community share their knowledge through workshops, series of seminars and conferences for winemaking from involving digital fabrication in the winemaking process to understanding the microbiology of wines. This ranges from making timesaving winemaking components to IoT cloud-connected devices to share winemaking data with a digital community of winemakers. Each month a Winemaker’s Fiesta is held, to celebrate, socialise and of course, drink delicious, local wine.

Who is it for?

Winemakers is open to anyone who likes wine and would like to make wine or anyone who is interested in the potential possibilities of connecting digital fabrication with winemaking techniques.


Who are interested in the process of winemaking, fermentation, biology and or digital fabrication.


Who wish to share their knowledge in a community of winemakers and to develop new skills in winemaking and practice it as a creative art.

Individuals and groups

Wishing to take part and socialise in a short course or a group course in winemaking.

Makers and designers

Who wish to use their skills to hack the winemaking process, develop timesaving tools and new technologies to aid the process of making wine.

Other project team members – Remi Mrozek, Miguel Figini, Nicolas Audemar, Lluis Romero & Albert Soley Astals.

Project Partners

2018 - Ongoing