Atlas of Weak Signals at SPACE10

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Fab Lab Barcelona has developed the “Atlas of Weak Signals.” This is a concept and practice of recognising “weak signals” as a tool to identify possible emerging scenarios based on underlying trends in our current world. This exercise facilitates seeking opportunities, threats, challenges and shared visions for innovation, policymaking, intervention, research and business opportunities in the future.

The Atlas of the Weak Signals was presented to the participants as an index and tool to identify shifting trajectories of change which intersect with current global issues which are further being addressed through the Fab City movement. SPACE10 is a research and design lab on a mission for a better everyday people and planet, which has previously collaborated with Fab Lab Barcelona in the Made Again Challenge

Fab Lab Barcelona visited SPACE10 in Copenhagen to present the Atlas of the Weak Signals practice, hosting a series of inspiring talks on emergent futures and a workshop on the Weak Signals card game which was developed by the team at Fab Lab Barcelona. This was a half-day program in which 60 participants – employees from SPACE10 amongst other attendees -were introduced to the Atlas of Weak Signals. This alternative educational experience provided an opportunity to question, disrupt and challenge methods of practice, offering a chance to learn alternative perspectives on contemporary issues. April 2020.

Project Team

Tomas Diez

Kate Armstrong

Mariana Quintero


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Noel Criado

Strategic Partnerships Lead
[email protected]