Building a sustainable digital culture from the inside

Fab Lab Barcelona’s specialised project sessions concentrate on understanding your companies proposals, discovering goals and developing results for these needs. These sessions are curated to find the best answers to questions using the best possible range of talented specialists. The following sessions are attended by leaders in the field of digital fabrication, robotics, data, architecture, product design and more.

What do we offer?

Understand, Design & Prototype, Speculate

Fab Lab Barcelona’s prototyping program connects companies to cutting-edge research in prospective fields. Members work directly with talented faculty to:

  • Deploy innovative applied R&D and rapid prototyping projects.
  • Hackathons, design sprints, ideation sessions and more.

Executive Education & Learning Experiences

Join Fab Lab Barcelona to connect with faculty for seminars and professional development sessions focused on emerging technology and corporate innovation trends. These programs range from roundtable discussions on a specific topic to panels and exploring emergent futures workshops for teams across your company.

Begin with a short custom-designed program to engage participants in contemporary creative methodologies in critical design and technology. Be introduced to innovative tools which enable exploration of emerging future scenarios and finding new opportunities and patterns of change from the global to the local. Fab Lab Barcelona’s programs offer digital literacy, empowering participants to develop an understanding of the potential of advanced technologies.

Corporate Network

Throughout the year, Fab Lab Barcelona facilitates multiple conferences, networking events, hands-on workshops and inspiring talks to highlight and be the leaders in research, design and innovation. Maker Faire Barcelona is an initiative co-organised by Fab Lab Barcelona and SOKO Tech yearly. This is a 2-day event which includes 100+ interactive demonstrations of groundbreaking prototypes and startups, keynotes, technical presentations, and hands-on workshops from leaders in emerging technology.

Contact for Business

Noel Criado

Strategic Partnerships Lead
[email protected]