Correlating air quality with local traffic flows 

The University of Strathclyde is working on supporting student-led initiatives that use indoor environmental quality metrics to manage and better design buildings.


Sense Making

Type of Project

Custom Smart Citizen air quality sensors




Building awareness on air quality and its sources by working from an educational perspective.

Our Solution

Building awareness on air quality and its sources is of great importance in our cities. Working on the topic from an educational perspective is even more important, since those that will take care of the future are the ones learning today. We have to make better choices for the future, either on our habits, or on how we design and build, so that we can enjoy healthy spaces, both indoors and outdoors. As well, understanding the processes and origins of pollution is a complex issue, and we must make progress on our understanding of the issues step by step, by making use of open technologies that can be suited for different levels: from education to more advanced research.

University of Strathclyde used Smart Citizen platform and sensors to monitor indoor CO2 within meeting rooms, lecture theatres and offices during covid lockdown, and their gradual return to work.  A customisable data platform, free of charge, as well as modular hardware is the solution from Fab Lab Barcelona that supports the project, and aims to trigger interest for contributors. 

Find more details on the project here as well as some data results here.


“Smart Citizen represents good value-for-money, it’s open-source, free to host our data (there are no ongoing costs), and we can keep our data private. The platform is also customisable and expandable. I think this makes it an ideal choice for research institutes and really anyone who likes tinkering with technology. The platform met our expectations – it’s generally reliable and the specs of the sensors on board are good — comparable with many commercial offerings (these are twice the price and typically need service contracts). Plus the board can always be expanded to host higher-spec sensors if desired.”

Dr Marcus Perry
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Strathclyde

Read about Smart Citizen here.

Smart Citizen

Project Team

Óscar González. Fab Lab Barcelona. Sense Making Lead
Victor Barberán. Fab Lab Barcelona. Hardware & Software Developer.

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