Schools and Universities

Engaging forms of educational models and learning

Custom projects focus on developing and exploring your educational institution’s questions and educational goals. Sessions are attended by leaders from our in-house Future Learning Unit.

What do we offer?

Advisory Programs

Significant changes in digital and technological innovations in European societies, politics and economies alongside demographic and labour market changes are bringing teaching-learning systems into the frontline as educational methods to adapt to new realities.

Join Fab Lab Barcelona’s program to:

  • Receive training sessions for your teachers in innovative tools and techniques at the Fablab.
  • Understand and foster the Maker culture within your institution.
  • Design training itineraries to learn new tools to take back to your classroom and develop research projects. 

Immersive Learning Experiences

Begin with a short custom-made course to engage students and teachers in new forms of educational models and learning. We develop and teach contemporary creative methodologies in an innovative environment to explore emerging educational scenarios.

Fab Lab Barcelona’s programs empower participants with digital literacy tools to foster their understanding of advanced technologies.

Contact for Business

Noel Criado

Strategic Partnerships Lead
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