Red Bull Basement

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Red Bull

Service Format

Bootcamp | Design Sprint


12 weeks

Delivery Method

Available On-Site

The Red Bull Basement 2019 provided four chosen projects access to some of the leading experts and professionals in the technological scene at Fab Lab Barcelona. The program consisted of tailored mentoring for each project, incubated within our specialised digital manufacturing laboratory which provided all the necessary tools and resources for the participants to develop their prototypes and materialise ideas. The projects ranged in application and style – from an app to reduce waste and live more sustainably; a 3D-printed brick insulator for buildings to maintain temperatures; a flower which tracks and responds to levels of energy consumption; an affordable, accessible and 3D-printable aid to assist people with dystrophy in their daily tasks and ‘CALM’  – a social initiative in the form of a mobile cart – designed for citizen participation and collecting neighbourhood stories.

The aim of Red Bull Basement is to create a platform and access for students to openly innovate and create positive change, facilitated by experts and progressive spaces working in the fields of research, design and innovation. Red Bull Basement connects technology and social impact in a global program to support bright individuals in prototyping their innovative ideas. 

This program was completed during 12 successive weeks in 2019. The attendees of the program were selected via an Open Call made by Red Bull Basement in collaboration with Fab Lab Barcelona. The participants were able to showcase their remarkable prototypes at the Makerfaire Barcelona 2019.  

2017 — 2021

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Noel Criado

Strategic Partnerships Lead
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