Smart Citizen and Climate Shelters in Schools

Developing and deploying a hundred of measurement sensors in schools across Barcelona



Institut de Salut Global – ISGlobal

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Fab Lab Barcelona’s collaboration with ISGlobal – Barcelona Institute for Global Health developed and deployed 102 low-cost measurement sensors installed in 15 schools across Barcelona. The sensors used were that of Fab Lab Barcelona’s Smart Citizen project. The Smart Citizen sensors capture various environmental conditions – from air pollution to noise level data and then transmit the data autonomously to the central Smart Citizen platform, connected to other Smart Citizen sensors from across the globe.

The ISGlobal consists of a collaboration between organisations La Caixa, academic institutions and governmental bodies. ISGlobal works towards the understanding and addressing challenges in global health, priding itself on its work towards progressive scientific research and the ability to transfer this knowledge to practice.

This project was commissioned within the framework of the research project ‘Blue, green & grey: adapting schools to climate change ’ around the improvement of the adaptability of educational centres in Barcelona to climate change and was financed by the European Union. The project reflected the reputability of the Smart Citizen sensors and their ability to capture accurate data which contributed towards IS Global’s wider mission. 

Project Team

Guillem Camprodon

Guillem Camprodon sits at the nexus of emergent technologies and bottom-up communities, serving as the Executive Director of Fab Lab Barcelona at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC). The lab is a leading hub in a global constellation of over 2,000 Fab Labs and is the epicentre of the Distributed Design Platform. An educator at heart, he co-directs the Master on Design for Emergent Futures (MDEF), a synergistic endeavour between IAAC and ELISAVA. Previously, he spearheaded Smart Citizen, a paradigm-shifting platform that subverts the conventional, hierarchical Smart City models by democratizing access to environmental data tools. His past tenure as a Research Lead saw him contribute to seminal European research projects, including Making Sense, iSCAPE, ROMI and Reflow.

Óscar González

Óscar González is an Industrial Engineer based in Barcelona with expertise in data analysis, testing and calibration through his experience in automotive and sensor development. Óscar is the Sense Making lead at Fab Lab Barcelona team doing research and development within the Smart Citizen project and is an instructor at the Fabacademy program.

Víctor Barberán Soler

Víctor Barberán is an Industrial Designer with more than 20 years of experience developing custom technology for multidisciplinary art and science projects. Throughout his career, Victor Barberán has worked in electronics design, software development, data analysis, modelling and animation, and digital postproduction. Currently, Victor works as part of the Fab Lab Barcelona as a software and hardware developer in multiple research projects, such as the Smart Citizen project. He is also the Electronics lead for the Fabricademy, Fab Academy and the Masters of Design for Emergent Futures program.


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Strategic Partnerships Lead
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