Empowering young innovators to tackle societal issues with open innovation tools.


The Challenge

Securing sustainable employment and discovering new educational models through a hands-on learning approach.

Our Solution

Providing experts in the maker space and educational setting to pilot toolkits and concepts with young entrepreneurs.

Type of Project

Innovation Action for Societal Challenges in europe in a changing world – inclusive, innovative and reflective societies funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme under Grant Agreement 770063.

Project Outputs

Workshop series with local schools and light installation featured at OFFLlum Festival 2020.

DOIT is dedicated to creating the framework, toolkit and concepts for inspiring young entrepreneurs in maker spaces. Through hands-on education of the next generation of entrepreneurs on topics such as coding, product development and prototyping, DOIT provides young makers with vital skills and mindsets to take on to further education or job scenarios. The DOIT platform contains a toolbox which provides interactive information to further project development, reflection and scalability.

Our Contribution

Fab Lab Barcelona at IAAC has provided a hub for the piloting of the DOIT toolkit and concept in a makerspace setting and also within schools. The expert makers at Fab Lab Barcelona have been sharing their extensive knowledge and practical skills to inspire the younger generation to begin to prototype and test models whilst growing in confidence in areas such as coding. The project has been featured at Makerfaire Barcelona through a series of hands-on workshops and educational events as well as in the OFFLlum 2020 light festival in an installation designed and made by local students using maker-skills learned at the Fab Lab.

Who is it for?

DOIT is hands-on learning for any young entrepreneurs wishing to develop skills in new fields.

Young Entrepreneurs

Young entrepreneurs who wish to develop their confidence in digital literacy and maker skills.


Schools interested in implementing contemporary educational models and encouraging learning-by-doing practices.


Who wish to welcome the next generation of makers and disseminate knowledge.

Project Partners

2017 - 2020