Remix The School

Implementing food recycling and upcycling principles at school

The Challenge

Transform the formal educational environment through creativity and collaborative practices.

Type of Project

Remix The School (RTS) is a pilot project part of the Creative FLIP project co-funded by the EU (Agreement No: EAC-2018-0291).

Our Solution

Empowering people in the educational ecosystem to be digital social innovators and drivers of change.

Project Outputs

New learning dimensions and projects with food waste.

The project

Remix The School (RTS) is a project of Fab Lab Barcelona at IAAC in collaboration with the Escola Sant Martí Poblenou and co-financed by the Creative Flips EU Project.

Creative FLIP – Finance, Learning, Innovation and Patenting aims to support healthy and sustainable ecosystems for Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs). As part of the project, the consortium launched an Open Call for Learning Labs: innovative pilot projects for cooperation between creative hubs and educational institutions with the goal of promoting transversal and creative skills transfer. 

RTS proposes to implement in the formal educational environment projects with food waste by means of craft and artisan techniques and digital manufacturing. It’s an iteration of the Remix El Barrio project and we expect to apply the best practices, insights and methodologies developed throughout the Do-It Europe and Siscode EU projects.

Our Contribution

This project will help us consolidate the relationship between the school and creative hub. This relationship aims to transform the school to make it more creative, inclusive, maker minded, collaborative and circular.

Our impact goes further by aiming to break down typical walls by making the school more open to the neighbourhood through empowering people in the educational ecosystem to be digital social innovators and drivers of change in their local community.

Remix The School will also help us to accompany teachers, students and families to develop learning skillsets such as independence, maker skills, initiative and intentionality, problem solving and critical thinking, conceptual understanding, circular-collaborative and community skills, collective impact, and social and emotional engagement.

Who is it for

Who are looking for new methodologies and practices to be implemented in formal education.

Who wish to understand the importance of sustainability, the circular economy and upcycling in the future cities they will live in.  

Looking for more creative, inclusive, maker minded, collaborative and circular schools for their children to grow

Remix The School kickoff meeting with project partners

Project Partners