Textiles, Clothing and Business Labs (TCBL)

Renewing the European Textiles & Clothing sector by exploring new ways of design and making.


The Challenge

To bring 5% of production capacity back to Europe and reduce the sector’s environmental footprint by 20% by 2025

Our Solution

Join like-minded European organisations to create a more sustainable and transparent European Textile & Clothing sector.

Type of Project

Innovation Action for Industrial Leadership in advanced manufacturing and processing funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme under Grant Agreement 646133.

Our contribution

Education and project development: workshops, project acceleration and educational program design for bioplastics, digital wearables, bacteria dying.

The current fashion ecosystem creates colossal amounts of waste from the initial product manufacturing to product disposal. The Textiles, Clothing and Business Labs (TCBL) is investigating new ways of designing and making in the fashion industry, by activating a diverse contemporary industry consisting of sector enterprises, innovation labs, service providers, and business advisors. The objective of the TCBL is to build alternative paths to over-production and reductive value, whilst returning 5% of production capacity and reducing the environmental footprint by 20% within 2025.

Textile, Clothing and Business Labs (TCBL)

Fab Lab Barcelona participated in the EU-funded project as one of 50 Labs. Through on-going research into textile production supported by digital fabrication and circular principals, we contributed to the project with expertise in project development an experimental textile and bio lab. This was supported by the Fab Textiles project and the local Fabricademy course. Together, these programmes contributed to the TCBL program by nurturing the training of creative individuals to work at the intersection of textiles, biology, digital fabrication and innovation. The approach created a boundless space for imagination, generating projects ranging from bioplastics, digital wearables, bacteria dying and more through workshops, project acceleration and educational program design.

Who is it for?

TCBL is for anyone who wishes to transform the textile and clothing industry, from Artisans, Artists, Biologists, Curators, Designers, Chemists, Entrepreneurs, Fashion Designers, Makers, Other Researchers, SME Students, Teachers, Textile Designers.

Project Partners