Sara Bosch Brinques

Communications Lead

Sara Bosch is a cultural journalist with experience in printed and digital media, radio and project management. Originally from Barcelona, Sara has worked across Europe, India and Australia for various media outlets, private sector, government, and non-profit organisations – particularly in creative strategies and content planning. Her experience in press and communication include roles at Sónar+D Festival, University of Melbourne, the Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation Department of the Government of Catalonia, and now at Fab Lab Barcelona as the Communications Manager. In her free time, she runs the communications of the new small-format festival of experimental electronic music: www.mostra.barcelona. Sara holds a Master’s Degree in Communications (RMIT University, Australia), with a Thesis Research Project on New Immersive Digital Media & Cultural Industries. Her educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in Humanities (Pompeu Fabra University – UPF / King’s College London) and a bachelor’s degree in Journalism (Autonomous University of Barcelona – UAB).