Manufacturing the future at In3dustry - Fira de Barcelona

A series of inspirational talks to discover future scenarios in advanced manufacturing and distributed production, and understand how are going to transform our cities and society. Check out all the speakers involved

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Open Fabrication Day

Friday June 3rd from 16h to 20h, come to Fab Lab Barcelona and fabricate!

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Made Again Conference

Space10 and the Fab City Research Laboratory are launching a challenge for our designers and makers to reflect and act on how and why we make things.

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Don't miss Imprimida Workshop from 14th to 23rd June

IN(3D)USTRY From Needs to Solutions, Sonar+D and IAAC are launching an open call for artists, makers and designers to participate in a 8 days workshop and further exhibition in Barcelona with experts from the field of digital fabrication and computational design in order to explore the limits of art production in our times.

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